weasel weasel at beyondnormal.org
Mon Feb 2 08:58:55 PST 2004

K. Mike Bradley wrote:
> I found that I must have deleted the binutils source sometime in CH 5.
> It says to keep the source and build dir as it is because I will need it in
> CH 6.
> I have the binutils_build, can I un-tar the binutils source and follow the
> steps in Ch 5 but build to a new dir such as binutils-build-2?
> Then delete this new dir?
> Or is it ok to just un-tar the source?

You should be ok by doing that.  There is a note in the ["Locking in" 
Glibc] section that covers this issue specifically.  It suggest you skip 
the "make -C ld install" step, but i think thats based on the assumption 
that you deleted both directories.  Since binutils is built in a 
seperate directory there should be nothing in the binutils-source dir 
except the original files from the tar ball.


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