perl needs ps for tests ? [ old CVS ]

Ken Moffat ken at
Sun Feb 1 09:21:15 PST 2004

 I'm trying to catch up with the CVS book, but I'm also trying to
gather information on the space used and time taken for the various
packages.  Now that my 5.0 scripts and scripts for a selection of BLFS
work reliably, I'm trying to build CVS as of approx 9th January (i.e.
with gcc-3.3.2 and perl-5.8.2 but without the new glibc, to try to
determine the impact of these changes - then I'll go for 5.1).

And if that lost you - "don't tell me to test current CVS, I need this
version to identify where changes arise" ;)

 Running all the tests in chapter 6, to be sure it is ok.  Hit one
failure in gettext, but I've seen that when testing on i686 and I don't
think it's important, looks more like the test script is iffy.  But now
I'm on perl-5.8.2 and it fails in the check -

Dying on warning: can't exec "ps": No such file or directory at
op/magic.t line 302.

Excuse me ? /bin/ps comes from procps which we don't install until
later.  Given that I'm so far behind (perl 5.8.2 had been in cvs for
some time), I figure this must be something wrong in my scripts, but I'm
damned if I understand what.

log shows
lib/Benchmark..[]..FAILED at test 66

The summary shows one script out of 773 failed.  I think I'll carry on.

Meanwhile, pointers to what I've done wrong would be useful - or doesn't
anybody bother with the optional tests any more ?

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