kernel panic: no init found.

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fact ....


Once you've set the root device correctly, run the command setup (see

     grub> setup (hd0)
This command will install the GRUB boot loader on the Master Boot Record
(MBR) of the first drive. If you want to put GRUB into the boot sector
of a partition instead of putting it in the MBR, specify the partition
into which you want to install GRUB: 

     grub> setup (hd0,0)
If you install GRUB into a partition or a drive other than the first
one, you must chain-load GRUB from another boot loader. Refer to the
manual for the boot loader to know how to chain-load GRUB. 

I think you don't explain it better than 

$ info grub <enter>

This partition has to be a bootable (of course).


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> Neither a boot manager on /dev/hda6 nor one on /dev/hda12 will do
> anything
> useful if you don't have a boot manager in the MBR.
> ... what's that a nonsense?

It's called a "fact". Ask nicely and maybe I'll explain it to you.


Life is the ultimate cynic.

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