problem in compiling Tcl-8.4.6 of lfs-5.1.1

MadMac asd11 at
Thu Dec 30 10:52:57 PST 2004

>         -Wl,-rpath,/tools/lib -o tclsh
> /lib/ undefined reference to `_dl_tls_symaddr at GLIBC_PRIVATE'
> collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
> make: *** [tclsh] Error 1
> [root at lfs unix]#
> -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Plz give me the suggestion to overcome this problem. Could I skip this &
> the next two packages(Tcl-8.4.6,Expect-5.41.0,DejaGnu-1.4.4) as mentioned
> in the lfs-5.1.1 book.

	nm -a | grep tls
If it does not show '_dl_tls_symaddr at GLIBC_PRIVATE',
it means your glibc does't have tls support.
add to configure "--with-tls" - should help
Linux should be fun.

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