Best Host? [was Re: glibc-2.3.4...error with libc_pic.a]

Jeremy Utley jeremy at
Thu Dec 30 07:32:40 PST 2004

Scott wrote:

>I just wonder, short of the LFS-CD, which would be the "best" (or at
>least a good) host system? I have used Mandrake since v6.0. Now, after
>putting together a new machine, I find that mdk10.1 absolutely refuses
>to recognise my PCI modem (NOT a winmodem). So I'm casting about for a
>different distro to get going, and keeping an eye out for using it as
>a platform from which to launch LFS. From the foregoing discussion,
>obviously not Suse. And I've seen plenty of reports here of disasters
>with Fedora. Just curious as to any opinions. Apologies if too OT.
>Scott Swanson
Not OT at all, Scott.  Any distro that provides a relatively sane build 
enviornment should be acceptable.  Each distro has it's quirks to watch 
out for.  I myself have made successful builds of LFS from Fedora, 
Mandrake, Debian, Slackware, Gentoo, and Knoppix LiveCD's.  For the 
archives, here's the current Gotcha's to watch out for, with the ones 
I've tested:

Fedora: If using Core 3, pass --without-selinux to the ch 5 glibc 
build.  Core 2 would not properly build LFS 5.1.1, but with LFS 6, that 
problem is resolved.

Mandrake: Install glibc-static-devel from the 3rd CD on everything v9 
and above - standard development install doesn't include libc.a, which 
is needed for the initial static builds of binutils/gcc

Slackware: Upgrade to at least kernel 2.6.2, as per minimum requirements 
for LFS 6 - otherwise, it's fine - Slack 10 has a 2.6 kernel on the CD 
as an option, from what I understand.

Knoppix: Chapter 5 gcc and binutils testsuites cannot be performed, 
because of problems with the Knoppix devpts filesystem - Ch 6 can still 
be properly tested.

My personal choice to build from, if I'm going to work with a distro as 
a host, is Slackware 10 upgraded to a 2.6.x kernel.  Slackware allows 
for a much more stripped down installation than the others - you really 
only will need the A, AP, D, and perhaps N series of packages from Slack 
to build from.  Otherwise, I usually build from an already existing LFS, 
or use the LFS or Knoppix LiveCD's.

Hope this helps!


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