Assessing the binutils/glibc TLS bug

Matthew Burgess matthew at
Thu Dec 30 04:50:30 PST 2004

Hi all, I've managed to get myself really confused over this issue. 
 From the bug report at and my own 
testing, I came to the conclusion that the TLS type information was 
preserved correctly if one has a fixed version of binutils installed 
(  Whether or not libc.a is stripped didn't appear to 
affect my test results which are attached.

So, for those that have seen this problem could you clearly answer the 
following questions:

1) Which package failed to build (and was this in chapter 5 or 6)?
2) What version of binutils does your host system have?
3) What version of binutils did you install in chapter 5?

It could be that the testcase in the original bug report might not be 
exhaustive enough to catch whatever it is that's causing the problems 
you are seeing, but at least if you could run through it on your hosts 
we can start eliminating suspects...hopefully!


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