BUG in the initscripts -- was udev boot problem

Schafer Frank Frank.Schafer at t-systems.cz
Wed Dec 29 23:49:58 PST 2004

Right, that is what we're doing here. We are starting the final halt or
reboot. What's wrong with this?

Mostly, using self written init scripts I have one shutdown script in
/etc/init.d, which does the right thing depending on the runlevel:
	0 - halt
	5 - poweroff
	6 - reboot
This - again comes from Solaris, DYNIX, HP-UX. I know, on ix86 makig a
difference between halt and poweroff doesn't mean nothing. On my SUN
Ultra 5 it does.

LFS uses 2 scrips, halt and reboot, which are testing if they was called
with "stop". This had to be to change to "start" (of course). I'd not do
this check at all. If halt or poweroff is called we know what we're
doing - do we? ;o)))

Happy new year

PS: Hmmm, will we do ``2004 stop'' or ``2005 start''? Have a nice party!

> Hmm. Following your logic, your S00halt and S00reboot should be passed
> the 'start' parameter, and not 'stop', as it is done right now :)

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