problem in compiling Tcl-8.4.6 of lfs-5.1.1

Mukesh Kaushal mukeshk at
Wed Dec 29 20:28:01 PST 2004

  I'm using lfs-5.1.1.I've installed Binutis,GCC,Linux headers & GLibc.Now
I'm adjusting the tool chain.During this Tcl8.4.6 is successfully
cofigured but the problem arose during build the package(by running the
make command).The snapshot of the problem is given below:
[root at lfs unix]# make
Warning: tclStubInit.c may be out of date.
Developers may want to run "make genstubs" to regenerate.
This warning can be safely ignored, do not report as a bug!
-Wall -Wconversion -Wno-implicit-int -fPIC -I./../generic -I.
-DHAVE_SYS_IOCTL_H=1         -DTCL_SHLIB_EXT=\".so\"
-DTCL_LIBRARY=\"/tools/lib/tcl8.4\" \
-DTCL_PACKAGE_PATH="\"/tools/lib\"" \
rm -f
gcc -pipe -shared -o  regcomp.o regexec.o regfree.o
regerror.o tclAlloc.o tclAsync.o tclBasic.o tclBinary.o tclCkalloc.o
tclClock.o tclCmdAH.o tclCmdIL.o tclCmdMZ.o tclCompCmds.o tclCompExpr.o
tclCompile.o tclDate.o tclEncoding.o tclEnv.o tclEvent.o tclExecute.o
tclFCmd.o tclFileName.o tclGet.o tclHash.o tclHistory.o tclIndexObj.o
tclInterp.o tclIO.o tclIOCmd.o tclIOGT.o tclIOSock.o tclIOUtil.o tclLink.o
tclListObj.o tclLiteral.o tclLoad.o tclMain.o tclNamesp.o tclNotify.o
tclObj.o tclPanic.o tclParse.o tclParseExpr.o tclPipe.o tclPkg.o
tclPosixStr.o tclPreserve.o tclProc.o tclRegexp.o tclResolve.o tclResult.o
tclScan.o tclStringObj.o tclThread.o tclThreadAlloc.o tclThreadJoin.o
tclStubInit.o tclStubLib.o tclTimer.o tclUtf.o tclUtil.o tclVar.o
tclUnixChan.o tclUnixEvent.o tclUnixFCmd.o tclUnixFile.o tclUnixPipe.o
tclUnixSock.o tclUnixTime.o tclUnixInit.o tclUnixThrd.o  tclUnixNotfy.o 
tclLoadDl.o  -ldl  -lieee -lm   -Wl,-rpath,/tools/lib
gcc -pipe -rdynamic  tclAppInit.o -L/mnt/lfs/Sources/tcl8.4.6/unix
-ltcl8.4 -ldl  -lieee -lm \
        -Wl,-rpath,/tools/lib -o tclsh
/lib/ undefined reference to `_dl_tls_symaddr at GLIBC_PRIVATE'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make: *** [tclsh] Error 1
[root at lfs unix]#

Plz give me the suggestion to overcome this problem. Could I skip this &
the next two packages(Tcl-8.4.6,Expect-5.41.0,DejaGnu-1.4.4) as mentioned
in the lfs-5.1.1 book.
Mukesh Kaushal
Compucom Software Ltd.
H.O.- IT 14-15,EPIP,RIICO Indl.Area,
Sitapura, Jaipur(INDIA)
Tel:5115901 Fax:91-141-2770335

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