BUG in the initscripts -- was udev boot problem

Schafer Frank Frank.Schafer at t-systems.cz
Wed Dec 29 06:46:01 PST 2004

Well, ;o)) you got me too, ;op ... an experimental machine beside me (a
SUN Netra I with SUNOS 5.8) has ONLY Knn* links in rc0.d.

Hmmmm ...

Ive looked to an older server with SUNOS 5.5 too ... same result. I
began with SUN about 7 years ago on SUNOS 2.6 and remember it same.

The S00halt and S00reboot I introduced myself on the Linuxes I've to
admin. ... for logical reasons. We START halt or we START rebooting.
Sicromoft Wondies does it the same way ;-)))


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On Wed, 2004-12-29 at 12:49 +0100, Schafer Frank wrote:
> Hmmm,
> Maybe I'm using SysV tooo long. (About 25 years) All U*XES I know
> UNmount filesystems on system halt or reboot except ''/'', which will
> be
> mounted ro.

You got me there, I have been using them for about 15 years.  And all
the Unices I know that use SysV deal with S* scripts in runlevels 0 and
6 specially.  I first came across this in Solaris.

Here is a discussion from about 5/6 years ago.  I'm sure a bit more
digging would bring up some more, but I really have other things to do.

I may be wrong and will be happy to be corrected.


5. Halt/reboot

  Going to runlevel 0 or 6 will cause the system to be halted or
  respectively. For example, if we go to runlevel 6 (reboot) first
  all /etc/rc6.d/KXXxxxx scripts will be executed alphabetically with
  "stop" as the first argument.

  Then the /etc/rc6.d/SXXxxxx scripts will be executed alphabetically
  with "stop" as the first argument as well. The reason is that there
  is nothing to start anymore at this point - all scripts that are
  run are ment to bring the system down.

  In the future, the /etc/rc6.d/SXXxxxx scripts MIGHT be moved to
  /etc/rc6.d/K1XXxxxx for clearity.

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