BUG in the initscripts -- was udev boot problem

Schafer Frank Frank.Schafer at t-systems.cz
Wed Dec 29 04:33:34 PST 2004

> Your correct - it's normal sysvinit behaviour to run K scripts in
rc0.d and 
> rc6.d to stop services - thats how the LFS bootscripts *used* to work 
> (around LFS5ish)

... and Solaris-ish and AIX-ish and HP-UX-ish and SCO-ish and .... other
Linux-ish (of course)

> However, a change was made to the rc script sometime since to include
> following;
>        case $runlevel in
>                0|6) $i stop    ;;
>                *)   $i start   ;;

Yepp, i've found this just now too.

> and to change the K links to S links. Behavoiour is now to have all S 
> scripts in runlevels 0 and 6 run with the "stop" parameter. I haven't
> found the changelog describing why this change was made however.

... what is completely unnessessary. O.K., I'll change this on my system
to make the behavior homogenous. Just before the test you describe above
there is the K | S test for stop / start. Removing the case clause and
renaming the links in rc0.d and rc6.d will act exactly the same.


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Steve Crosby
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