udev boot problem

Schafer Frank Frank.Schafer at t-systems.cz
Wed Dec 29 00:34:12 PST 2004

Thank you guys,

That was it. Probably this .udev.tdb file was created during my tries to
automate the chrooting. Maybe I forgot to mount ramfs once.

The idea to use a grub floppy is very nice, but the board doesn't even
have a FDD connector (VIA Epia mini).

If I understand the grub info pages right:

	boot(hdN,M) in the grub shell tells grub where to find the
stages to 	install

	setup(hdN) in the grub shell tells grub to install the (found)
	on the MBR of which disk

	boot(hdA,B) in grub.conf tells grub where to find the stage1_5
	during boot

	kernel /bzImage root=/dev/hdX in grub.conf tells grub which
kernel to
	boot and the kernel where the root of the system is to be found

Experimenting is understanding ;o))

Thanks alot

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  > Right, take the drive anf put it into another machina whetre it'll
> the first HD.

i'm building lfs quite often on 'hdcX', remove the disk and put it in 
the 'real' machine.

i *NEVER* use grub on any disk other than /dev/hda (usually hd0 in

i just prepare the grub-menue for hd0 and fstab for /dev/hda, put the 
disk in the new machine and start grub from a floppy (even if the system

doesn't have one - no floppy happens more often then with floppy - i 
temporary attach one) to install it to the mbr.

maybe i'm a little stupid (or even more than just a little) but 
understanding how to use 'map' and which drive afterwards is adressed 
with what id and which letter i have to specify on "kernel... 
root=/dev/hdX" is to complicated for me. i more than once killed my 
source-disk and had to reinit grub from floppy. thus useing the floppy 
on the target is much more straight-forward than fiddling arround with 
the two disks in the source-machine...

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