udev boot problem

Tobias Gasser tg at ebp-gasser.ch
Tue Dec 28 10:12:56 PST 2004

  > Right, take the drive anf put it into another machina whetre it'll be
> the first HD.

i'm building lfs quite often on 'hdcX', remove the disk and put it in 
the 'real' machine.

i *NEVER* use grub on any disk other than /dev/hda (usually hd0 in grubbish)

i just prepare the grub-menue for hd0 and fstab for /dev/hda, put the 
disk in the new machine and start grub from a floppy (even if the system 
doesn't have one - no floppy happens more often then with floppy - i 
temporary attach one) to install it to the mbr.

maybe i'm a little stupid (or even more than just a little) but 
understanding how to use 'map' and which drive afterwards is adressed 
with what id and which letter i have to specify on "kernel... 
root=/dev/hdX" is to complicated for me. i more than once killed my 
source-disk and had to reinit grub from floppy. thus useing the floppy 
on the target is much more straight-forward than fiddling arround with 
the two disks in the source-machine...


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