udev boot problem

Schafer Frank Frank.Schafer at t-systems.cz
Tue Dec 28 07:40:43 PST 2004

> Ok. Assuming that rcsysinit.d scripts are executed (and they are since
> messages about mounting swap show up :) we have only 3 things that may
> prevent udev from running.

> 1. sysfs is not mounted

Shouldn't the init script do that?

> 2. there's no /sbin/udev 

It is there when I chroot into the target system.

> 3. There's some stale /dev/.udev.tdb file

That could it be. I didn't even find what deletes this file.

> > 
> > If this will be solved ... I'm not too wise from the grub info
> > Can I install grub in this way:
> > 
> > 	grub> root(hd2,0)
> > 	grub> setup(hd2)
> > 
> > and then in the menu.lst for this installation:
> > 
> > 	title LFS
> > 	root (hd0,0)
> > 	kernel /bzImage.20041227 root=/dev/hda3
> > 
> > where /boot is on the first and / on the third partition of the
> > disk of the build system which I move to the first HD of the target
> > system?

> Are you going to reconnect the hard drive? 

Right, take the drive anf put it into another machina whetre it'll be
the first HD.

> The commands root(hd2,0) setup(hd2) initialize MBR of the /dev/hdc. 

... with the stages found on the first partition of /dev/hdc, which is

> I'm not sure if it will be loaded, since by default the MBR of
/dev/hda is
> read. 

To test this GRUB on (hd2) could be chain loaded using GRUB on (hd0).

> Anyway. Supposedly you reconnect your drive so that it becomes
> first drive. Now you say that on this drive your linux partition is
> So in menu.lst you should say root (hd0,2) and not root (hd0,0).

Nope, /boot is on the first partition of the HD.

> Now, if your linux is on 3rd partition, then most likely your
> /boot/grub/stage1 file is also located on that same partition. If it
> so, then your root(hd2,0) setup(hd2) would fail. Correct would be root
> (hd2,2) setup (hd2)

... see above.

Thanks for the suggestions I'll check this out this evening.


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