Can't mount vfat partition

Dienadel no at
Mon Dec 27 08:27:54 PST 2004

Hello again,

I've compiled the kernel with this two options, just to try, but the problem

[*] Advanced partition selection
[*]   PC BIOS (MSDOS partition tables) support

They are in < File systems || Partition Types>

I don't know if this could help, but in /etc there is a file that is created
every time i boot up. Is called, i have no idea why or what
creates it. Here is the content (the ## represents the end of a line in the
original file):

<device DEVNO="0x0340" TIME="1102603418" TYPE="iso9660">/dev/hdb</device> ##
<device DEVNO="0x1600" TIME="1102603441" TYPE="iso9660">/dev/hdc</device> ##
<device DEVNO="0x0305" TIME="1103911074"
UUID="371f3f88-2521-44eb-9fdf-eaf8352b802a" SEC_TYPE="ext3"
TYPE="ext2">/dev/hda5</device> ##
<device DEVNO="0x0304" TIME="1104084838" LABEL="DOCUMENTOS" UUID="4179-0333"
TYPE="vfat">/dev/hda4</device> ##
<device DEVNO="0x0301" TIME="1103662999"
UUID="b731fb81-5fc8-49b2-bf7e-12058687b504" SEC_TYPE="ext3"
TYPE="ext2">/dev/hda1</device> ##
<device DEVNO="0x0302" TIME="1104163361" LABEL="" UUID="8EA7-7BAB"
TYPE="vfat">/dev/hda2</device> ##

More things: weeks ago i tested the automount, as is explained in the
"Automate Mounting of Removable File Systems" of the BLFS book, but i
deleted it, as it didn't liked it. To remove it, i manually deleted all the
configuration files, and the script to inicialite it. So i think, automount
is no started (the kernel haven't selected this utility, only supermount).



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