udev and mount problem

Jeremy Utley jeremy at jutley.org
Mon Dec 27 04:26:39 PST 2004

Sebastian Plewa wrote:

>I have compiled LFS. All is OK, but when I loaded loop module, I
>must manually run udevstart, becouse without this I don't see loop0-7
>devices in /dev. Then I run run udevstart loop0-7 appear.
>In the past i never had this problem.
>Where is the problem?
Two possibilities:

1) udev is for some reason not getting registered as the hotplug handler 
by the kernel, so it's not being signaled to create new devices

2) the loading of the module doesn't even generate a hotplug event, so 
udev is not signaled.

My recommendation, given the nature of the loop driver, is to simply 
compile this driver static in your kernel instead of as a module.  When 
you're compiling a custom kernel, there's seldom any need for module use 


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