Can't mount vfat partition

Tobias Gasser tg at
Mon Dec 27 02:14:52 PST 2004

>>>cat /proc/filesystems
>>nodev   sysfs
>>nodev   rootfs
>>nodev   bdev
>>nodev   proc
>>nodev   sockfs
>>nodev   futexfs
>>nodev   tmpfs
>>nodev   pipefs
>>nodev   eventpollfs
>>nodev   devpts
>>        ext3
>>        ext2
>>nodev   ramfs
>>        msdos
>>        vfat
> Hmm. I notice that you have both msdos and vfat. Could it be that the 2
> conflict with each other? I have only vfat. You could try recompiling your
> kernel with only VFAT and see if that fixes your problem.

no problem here. i've msdos and vfat here both.
(kernel 2.6.9)


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