How wold you bacl up LFS?

charlie charlie.cllin at
Sun Dec 26 02:06:09 PST 2004

Hi everyone,

Supose you have lots of computers exactly the same.
First, you take one of them and install LFS, let's say on one sole 
partition /dev/hda.

If i want to dplicate it, what would you recommend:
1) tarballing /
2) dd the /dev/hda partition and make a ghost of it.

i don't know if 1) works fine, as i'm not sure of how tar backups 
symlinks, nodes and others no standard files.

2) sounds great, however i feel a bit concerned about disk space and 
ghosting an entire partition wastes a lot of space, since a basic LFS 
system is quite small. In addition, all my partitions on all the 
computers have to be the same size, and i can't change the fstype, am i 

So, if you have hints on this, thanx for your advice.


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