Get a newer version of e2fsck?

Jeremy Utley jeremy at
Sat Dec 25 22:53:39 PST 2004

Michael Kipper wrote:

>Got my LFS 6.0 built with Fedora Core 3, then I rebooted and tried to get
>into my system.
>I got the error that went something like:
>e2fsck.ext3: Unsupported features on (lfs/)
>Get a newer version of e2fsck.
>I checked that FC3 has e2fsck 1.35, and that's what I built into LFS.
>I rebuilt it, just to be sure, and got the same error.
>What have I done?
This was discussed recently on list.  FC3 uses some custom stuff in 
their ext2utils that isn't supported in the regular tarball, which 
causes the error.


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