why do i have to link /

Kunal Shah kunalv.shah at gmail.com
Thu Dec 23 17:25:05 PST 2004

Hi There,

I am trying to build Linux system using LFS version 6.0 on fedora core 3

I have downloaded all the packages however i do not understand why do i need to 
ln -s $LFS/tools / ?

I did 

export LFS=/mnt/lfs

then I gave lfs user and lfs group all the ownership of /mnt/lfs -
recursive so that they can have hold on all the subdirectories.

but when i do 

ln -s $LFS/tools /

It gives me error.

One more thing, how can link / to $LFS/tools, will it not crash my
existing fedora system ?

[kunalshah at directoryserver boot]$ sudo su -
[root at directoryserver ~]# ln -s /lfs/tools/ /
ln: `//tools': cannot overwrite directory

Any hints please?

Thanks for your help in advanced.


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