substitution of linux version in LFS-6.0

Jeremy Utley jeremy at
Thu Dec 23 15:19:56 PST 2004

rick wrote:

>charlie wrote:
>>This is what i wonder, indeed. Is there a linux-libc-headers- 
>>package somewhere?
>>In fact, my question is:
>>i need LFS-6.0 with running kernel 2.6.9.
>>How should i modify instructions in the book to get this?
>>Can i simply follow step by step lfs book and replace linux- with 
>linux-libc-headers packages can be found here:
>this link is listed in LFS-6.0 ch 3.2 All Packages.
>so go ahead and build a LFS 6.0 system with any kernel you want. Just be sure to 
>have matching versions of the Linux-Libc-Headers and Linux kernel packages.

That's not the case at all.  You can install any version of 
linux-libc-headers you like - just do NOT replace them on the system 
after they are installed!


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