substitution of linux version in LFS-6.0

Steve Crosby fost at
Thu Dec 23 13:11:55 PST 2004

Don Shuff <donito at> wrote in
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> so looking at all the website for the linux-libc-headers, I see two
> files that would correspond to the 2.6.9 kernel: 
> linux-libc-headers-
> and
> linux-libc-headers-
> Would I use the file since it's newer or should I use
> since there is no kernel with a version number of ?  Or does
> it really matter? 

the linux-libc-headers (llc) had a bug in the release, so they made 

the llc version works fine with linux-2.6.9

(although it causes problems with util-linux-2.12l and higher, due to a 
PAGE_SIZE change in llc)

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