problem building LFS 6.0 in chapter 6.9

joe ody at
Wed Dec 22 07:34:18 PST 2004

hi all,

>From the previous message, I'm told that I can use
/usr/src directory to put and extract the tarballs
needed in chapter 6 and on.
But I've downloaded all LFS packages and put it in
And now I've finished through ch 6.8, here I can't
go to $LFS/sources because as in ch 6.8 I'm in
chrooted environment ($LFS is no need, right?).
How do I access $LFS/sources so I don't need extra
space to deal with the tarballs ?

BTW, during ch 5 I don't delete the tarballs and
the extracted files. If I put all the LFS packages
in /usr/src , is it safe to rm -r $LFS/sources ?

LFS newb

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