i was succesfully compiled lfs6.0

Markus Mahlberg markus.mahlberg at web.de
Tue Dec 21 06:07:12 PST 2004

Erik Hurtado Sepulveda wrote:

> Markus Mahlberg wrote:
>> Erik Hurtado Sepulveda wrote:
>>>ok, i will try it, next step is create a bootable cd to untar the tgz
>>>archive, somebody has made something similar?, some prescription for
>> It's pretty easy to do it yourself:
>> There are several howtos for creating bootable CD-Roms with initial
>> ramdisks. You could use busybox for the basic tools.
>> Think this will meet you requirements.
>> If you don't want to do it yourself:I have sth like that somewhere
>> around, I'll have a look for it (if you want to).
>> Regards,
>> Markus
> this is right what looked for, my idea is create a minimalist system to
> be able to untar my lfs system on my hard disc's.
> i already have something howtos about to create bootcd's, but i'm not
> understand at all, where can i found any other howto?(i interesting in
> busybox),i'll never create a bootcd before, and i very interested in
> learning like doing them.
busybox.net gives a good doc.

Basically it works like that:

1) compile a kernel

2) compile busybox (there's a menuconfig)

3) make an initrd (4096k should be enough) and mount it as a loop device

4) install busybox to the mountpoint of the initrd

5) zip the initrd

6) make a bootable CD using syslinux and setting the initrd parameter in

If you provide some webspace (you are working for a tv-channel, don't you),
I'll be glad to write a complete howto + make up the image. There might be
other people interested in this, and as your employer benefits from it,
they can sponsor this effort, can't they? ;-)



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