Expect-5.4.1 on LFS6.0

Maarten Th. Mulders maarten.mulders at student.eur.nl
Tue Dec 21 03:19:16 PST 2004

I am completely new to LFS, so please don't be surprised if I am posing 
stupid questions.
My problem is this: I am reading Chapter 5, Sub 11 (about Expect) and 
when I try to 'make' Expect, it fails with the following error:
> make: *** No rule to make target `pty_.c', needed by `pty_.o'.  Stop.
So I did a Google-search, which told me something about stubs that I 
really don't understand. So I tried to use my old GCC, but that didn't 
even pass ./configure because of the new GLibC.
Can anybody help me?


Maarten Mulders

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