i was succesfully compiled lfs6.0

Erik Hurtado Sepulveda ehurtado at zaptv.cl
Mon Dec 20 07:16:29 PST 2004

ok, i will try it, next step is create a bootable cd to untar the tgz 
archive, somebody has made something similar?, some prescription for this?


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Hendrik Wiese wrote:
> Erik Hurtado Sepulveda wrote:
>> hello:
>>     I'm happy, i successfully compiled lfs6.0, but i have 2 cuestions 
>> about how can i burn my lfs system in a cdrom, i need to move it to 
>> another computer(my home computer y compiled my system in free time on 
>> my work). of course i have an operative cd-writer on the ¿host? system.
>> sorry for my (poor)English.
>> regards.
> I would tar all files into a .tar.gz archive and burn it on a cdrom or 
> dvd. Untar it on the destination systems root directory ("/") , install 
> the bootloader and it should work. We install most of our systems that 
> way. Hope that helps...
> kind regards...
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