About the cdrom symlink

John Gay johngay at eircom.net
Sat Dec 18 08:53:05 PST 2004

On Saturday 18 December 2004 16:02, Kevin P. Fleming wrote:
> sfs wrote:
> > BUS="ide", KERNEL="*[!0-9]", PROGRAM="/bin/cat /proc/ide/%k/media",
> > RESULT="cdrom", NAME="%k", SYMLINK="cdrom"
> Change "*[!0-9]" to "hdb", and you will be all set.
> However, if you move your devices around, such that hdb is now the
> writer, or hdb is no longer a CD-ROM type device, then the link will not
> point where you want it to. Just a friendly warning :-)

Shouldn't that rule be more generic? I know that on my box, my CD and DVD 
devices identify their reading and writing capabilities during bootup. 
Shouldn't the script be able to query the devices and try to determine what 
symlinks to create?


	John Gay

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