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> John Harrigan <harriganj at> wrote in 
> news:20041216052945.GA15362 at melrose:
>> I built an LFS-6.0 system and I've noticed that faillog and lastlog
>> aren't quite working.  I selected both of them in /etc/login.defs
>> but only lastlog is accumulating data; faillog doesn't even exist.

> There is a patch in the patches project for fixing this - doesn't
> appear to have been applied upstream, and I haven't tested it myself.
> patch details below (applies to shadow-4.0.6 without error)
> =============================
> Submitted By: Kristian Rainio (krikesoft at
> Date: 2004-09-13
> Initial Package Version:
> Origin: NA
> Upstream Status: Not submitted
> Description: This fixes lastlog brokenness in my case. I use
> glibc-2.3.2 

(ugh - replying to myself ;)

Actually, searching Changelog for shadow 4.0.6 shows that this patch
appears to simply revert the following code change 

2003-12-17  Tomasz K<B3>oczko  <kloczek at>

        * lib/lastlog_.h, libmisc/log.c, libmisc/utmp.c, src/lastlog.c,
        src/login.c: More time() or gettimeofday() prevention overwrite
        memory on 64bit arch (partialy based on patch from MDK).

which is probably not the correct fix - no idea what is the correct fix
tho ;) 

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