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Ken Moffat ken at
Tue Dec 14 04:34:11 PST 2004

On Tue, 14 Dec 2004, Svedese wrote:

> I packaged with dpkg all the software compiled in LFS.
> Doing this i noticed then some packages overvrite some files already
> installed by other packages.
> This don't create any problem until you are'nt using a package management
> system, all the file are man pages or info, but i think is interesting to
> know about it.

 It's always useful to have these details, but some of this is expected
- that's why we install man-pages early in chapter 6 ( we give
preference to man pages from the package, because they are more likely
to be up to date ).

> A list of the files overwritten, with the packages:
> /usr/info/
> binutils, autoconf

 If this ever changes, it's probably another "libiberty" type of thing
for the editors to look at when a release is made, to check which is
newer.  Worth knowing.

> /usr/info/dir
> bison, diffutils, findutils, flex, grep, groff, make, glibc

 Aren't they just "refreshing" this, the way we do near the end of the
book ?

> /usr/info/dir.old
> bison, diffutils, findutils, flex, grep, groff, make, glibc

 Looks like a backup file.

> /usr/man/man1/{chmod, chgrp, rm, mkdir, dir, du, ln, ls, install, touch, mv,
> chown, rmdir, mknod, dircolors, mkfifo, vdir, dd, cp, df}.1
> man-pages, coreutils
> /usr/man/man1/diff.1
> man-pages, diffutils
> /usr/man/man3/getspnam.3.gz
> man-pages, shadow
> /usr/man/man5/passwd.5
> man-pages, shadow
> /usr/man/man1/{groups, su}.1
> shadow, coreutils

 I can't remember which versions of these programs we run.  Might be ok,
I'm sure somebody knows.

> /usr/man/man5/{syslog, syslog.conf}.5
> sysklogd, inetutils

 Similar comment to groups and su man pages.

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