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> I seem to remember seeing somewhere it can be gotten down to somewhere
> in the area of 5 megs to run as a webserver.
> just the binaries, no headers or build tools.
> and probsbly only html with the server, no cgi. ( perl )

I've got my firewall running from CD, built using LFS-testing, and 
installing additional packages for the firewall functions (OpenSSL\SSH, 
iptables, dnsmasq, skey, boa, etc). After removing most of the un-needed 
packages\files\libraries\binaries\headers, the system comes in at 60Mb.

That said, by using Uclibc, busybox, etc, dropping Perl, bash (use ash), it 
should be possible to reduce that to a much smaller number (I suspect 10-
15Mb would be reasonable)

The Hardened Linux From Scratch project has a build using LFS-testing, with 
uclibc instead of glibc (and all the good security stuff - stack protector, 
position independant executables, grsec kernel, etc) - that's a good place 
to start, although the project book is fairly new.

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