missed a link in gcc

Allard Welter allard at quicknet.nl
Tue Dec 7 18:05:32 PST 2004

On Wednesday 08 December 2004 00:34, DHAJOGLO wrote:
> I just noticed that somehow (probably because I wasn't paying
> attention at the time) I missed the following step in chapter 6 under
> the GCC install:
> ln -s gcc /usr/bin/cc
> And as such all of my packages after that which were made using cc
> flag were made against the cc in /tools/bin/cc.
How many packages will look for cc instead of gcc (bear in mind lfs is 
pretty gnuish)? Most packages will tell you something like "checking 
for gcc... gcc". I checked a random package (elvis-2.2_0) and amusingly 

No system type was specified, so I'm running uname(1) to guess it...
   Apparently this is 'linux'
   I know 'linux' -- This should be easy!
Looking for some compiler files...
   Internet headers found
   Skipping GNOME due to a temporary configuration bug.  (For more 
      see the comment at the top of the 'configure' script)
   X11 headers found
   X11 libraries found
   GCC found
etc. Compiling a program involves calling configure which chooses what 
compiler to use. I think the link is more for completeness and to catch 
the odd dimwit doing :-)

> excerpts from cc -v dummy.c:


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