Kernel Minimums

Matthew Burgess matthew at
Mon Dec 6 23:47:00 PST 2004

> I am well aware of what the various packages are for... I am trying to be vague on purpose to spark discussion.  Lets face it, Ed-0.2 isn't exactly the most important package in the install; is M4 there because of lfs needs or is it simply a commonly used package?  In a barest of bare it probably could be skipped.  I don't have a problem with the list of packages and don't think they should be changed... I'm simply asking for advice.

Well, there's two things to be aware of.  1) Compile-time dependencies 
and 2) Runtime dependencies.  Compile-time dependencies will include 
things like the compiler (gcc), linker (binutils) and other ancillary 
packages, which you probably don't want in your final minimal system. 
So, if you want to go the really minimal route then you'll need a second 
machine (or secondary OS) that has all these packages installed, so you 
can actually compile the packages you *do* want.

As far as a minimal system goes, I think you can get along with just the 
kernel and a shell (bash).  You will need glibc and the gcc runtime libs 
as well, unless you compile bash statically.  Performing an 'ldd 
/bin/bash' will get you the libraries that any package requires at 
runtime.  For more info on this I'd highly recommend the "From Powerup 
to Bash" Howto available from TLDP.

Hope this helps,


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