Kernel Minimums

Ken Moffat ken at
Mon Dec 6 15:12:38 PST 2004

On Mon, 6 Dec 2004, DHAJOGLO wrote:

> I would be willing to help test such things out.  I am doing all of
> this on spare machines for the sole purpose to learn more about the
> kernel.  I was just looking at some of the progs in chapter 6 thinking
> that I really only need to reinstall the tool chain and can skip
> things like bzip, groff, sed... etc.

 I think you need to clarify what you plan to do.  If all you want to do
is learn about the kernel, install a recent distro and concentrate on
the code.  But, if you are intending to do any half-serious coding or
testing of the kernel, you'll need bzip2 (for the patches you download
from, and perhaps sed and perl for the kernel build.

 If you generally like to make things hard for yourself, then fine.
But, you're pretty much on your own - most LFS users accept most of the
packages in the book so slimming it down to a "hairshirt LFS" will
probably give you all manner of problems that the rest of us never see.
Most people want a bit more functionality (just think of all the fun in
blfs if you don't have half of the normal base system).

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