Kernel Minimums

Mon Dec 6 09:23:18 PST 2004

As noted in the kernel compilation of chapter 8 (lfs 5.1.1) the linux installation depends on the following packages:

Bash, Binutils, Coreutils, Findutils, GCC, Glibc, Grep, Gzip, Make, Modutils, Perl, Sed.

Yet we install everything from man to gcc-2.95.3.  Is there a list of the "bare minimum" packages that can be installed to get the kernel up and running (providing the framework to configure, compile and boot the kernel).  I can guess some from the descriptions but I'm not sure if others are needed at various points along the way. Perhaps the dependances listed above are sufficient?

Note that I am aware that such things are not "recommended" but in the vein of experimentation I think such a list would be nice to have.


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