different kernel's

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> blux.net at lineone.net wrote:
> >># second option with kernel 2.6
> >>title LFS 5.0 with kernel 2.6
> >>root (hd0,0
> >>kernel /boot/lfskernel2 root=/dev/hdb1
> >
> >
> > yes this looks OK,  but  the fix the typo  in the drive description I
> > it should be (hd1,0) for an IDE1 hard disk.
> You're right but LFS is booting off of a slave disk, so hd0,0 is what it
> needs.  :-)

There is a lot of confusion about grub's syntax. First, it is important to
understand the difference between the root statement in a grub section and
the root= on the kernel line.

root (hdn,m) is the partition hosting the grub install, not your /
partition. (n and m integers of course) It is where menu.lst, the stage
files, etc. reside.

Also, n=0 does not necessarily mean hda. This is how grub designates drives.
The sequence hda through hdh is scanned and grub assigns a drive number if
and only if it finds a hard drive. Most (all?) other types of drives don't
count. The first drive will be hd0, the second hd1 and so on. A similar
thing is done with floppies (fd0) and scsi hd's (sd0).


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