Is Knoppix a suitable Build Environment for LFS?

Rick S. llrickll at
Sat Apr 24 09:44:43 PDT 2004

>From my first experience, I see one very big advantage to Knoppix -- you
can't do anything to accidently kill your host. As far as the ram drive, if
there was anything I needed to save, I saved it to /tools on the lfs drive.
I think this was much easier than installing another distro.

"Jens Hülser" <alphabingo at> wrote in message
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> I know I can try it and find out, but i'm hoping someone here has the
> answer.
> Is Knoppix (3.3) a suitable build environment for building an LFS
> system?  In other words does it have all the tools.
> I've poked around abit on this one, and I've found lots of "how do I
> make a bootable LFS like knoppix" but that's not what I want to know.
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If you're going to use a swap partition of about 500M or bigger, there's
no need to use Knooppix. I'll use a swap partition of that size for my
lfs, but at the moment this partition contains a minimum debian install.
This way I have no trouble with accidentially 'forgotten' data as I don't
have to rely on a f***ing ramdisk (a great thing to save data
temporarily, but I surely would mess up things when I'd use one to create
my lfs), and as soon as my lfs is bootable, I'll just type in 'mkswap
/dev/hdb2', get rid of debian and have a fine swap partition at the same
time :-) In Germany we say "Zwei Fliegen mit einer Klappe schlagen"-
unfortunately I don't know something similar in English... Translation
could be: "Killing two flies with one hit"


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