Is Knoppix a suitable Build Environment for LFS?

Rick S. llrickll at
Sat Apr 24 09:39:28 PDT 2004

I only had to do it a couple of times. You can place a script to recreate
the environment in your /tools directory on the LFS drive. You would create
the mount point, mount the lfs partition then run the script. Just be sure
to verify that the environment is properly set before continuing!!!

Rick S.

"Tom Black" <tcblack at> wrote in message
news:c6cn7e$phr$1 at
> Rick S. wrote:
> > I just finished a LFS build using Knoppix as a host and it worked better
> > than I could have expected.
> >
> > It was necessary to recreate my mount point for the lfs volume each time
> > restarted because the /mnt directory is on a ram disk. Also, at the
> > beginning of chapter 6, I had to issue the command "chmod 666 /dev/ptmx"
> > get pty's working.
> >
> > I am a "newbie" and this was my first LFS attempt. I learned alot -- 
> > to the contributors that made this book possible!
> >
> > Good luck & have fun!
> >
> > Rick
> <snip>
> Pardon me if my ignorance is showing but having created a swap partition
> on the HD (it's suggested in the book) couldn't you instruct Knoppix to
> save it's environment variables there?  (ok - that sound's like a newbie
> question doesn't it.)
> If the nature of the swap partition doesn't allow it, knoppix will save
> it's environment in a 'small' file on the harddrive.  Seems worth the
> few meg cost to make it easier.  I think booting with something like $
> knoppix scan or whatever will find the file every time.
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