uninstall packages

shelton shelton at onr.com
Sat Apr 24 01:11:12 PDT 2004

Andre wrote:
> I have a nice LFS system up and running - big thank you to the LFS team!
> Due to limited harddisk space, I would like to trim my LFS down a bit. What
> would be the best way to uninstall certain packages? I already figured some
> obvious space saving measures, like removing man pages etc.
compressing the man pages wouldn't have helped? well, they 
are available online. eh.
> Let's say I would decide to get rid of perl. What is the best way to do
> that, other than looking in the makefile to figure out all the components
> that are installed in the 'make install' section. Also, if a package depends
> on another package, does that mean during compilation, or even afterwards
> when the system is up and running?

What I used to do was generate the makefile again from the 
source tarball. Do the whole tar blah cd blah and then read 
through the LFS book to see how it was configured. This does 
assume that the package was initially configured according 
to the book. Hopefully you can recreate any differences 
between your particular setup and the LFS instructions. 
Anyway, once the makefile was generated, just run make 
uninstall. Most packages support this. Then, be sure to note 
any dependencies listed in the LFS book and try to reinstall 
them without the now non-existent package. This may be a 
pain, but may also be worth it. It won't work with every 
package, but most.

While we're on the subject, I just want to say that I wish 
the install-log package was mentioned explicitly in the 
essential prereading text. This package has been a really 
really nice comfort. It is very useful when removing 
packages installed from source.

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