Is Knoppix a suitable Build Environment for LFS?

Tom Black tcblack at
Fri Apr 23 20:34:14 PDT 2004

Rick S. wrote:

> I just finished a LFS build using Knoppix as a host and it worked better
> than I could have expected.
> It was necessary to recreate my mount point for the lfs volume each time I
> restarted because the /mnt directory is on a ram disk. Also, at the
> beginning of chapter 6, I had to issue the command "chmod 666 /dev/ptmx" to
> get pty's working.
> I am a "newbie" and this was my first LFS attempt. I learned alot -- kudos
> to the contributors that made this book possible!
> Good luck & have fun!
> Rick
Pardon me if my ignorance is showing but having created a swap partition 
on the HD (it's suggested in the book) couldn't you instruct Knoppix to 
save it's environment variables there?  (ok - that sound's like a newbie 
question doesn't it.)
If the nature of the swap partition doesn't allow it, knoppix will save 
it's environment in a 'small' file on the harddrive.  Seems worth the 
few meg cost to make it easier.  I think booting with something like $ 
knoppix scan or whatever will find the file every time.

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