Is Knoppix a suitable Build Environment for LFS?

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Fri Apr 23 14:13:11 PDT 2004

On Fri, 23 Apr 2004, Tom Black wrote:

> I know I can try it and find out, but i'm hoping someone here has the
> answer.
> Is Knoppix (3.3) a suitable build environment for building an LFS
> system?  In other words does it have all the tools.
> I've poked around abit on this one, and I've found lots of "how do I
> make a bootable LFS like knoppix" but that's not what I want to know.

Recently used it for the newxml stuff. Acouple adjustments needed (modes
on /dev/ptmx - I think). I poste int eharchives what I changed, IIRC.

With newxml version (about 2-3 weeks ago?) was smooth sailing.

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