Cross compiling for i486 - too late now?

jeremy at jeremy at
Thu Apr 22 20:47:08 PDT 2004

> The target host is actually a VIA C3 processor at 533Mhz (one of those
> Mini-
> ITX boards) so I don't think the build will take *that* long... Problem is
> that I can't find a Linux distro that actually runs on it - the processor
> tells the OS it can run i686 code, but that is not true since an i686
> kernel
> crashes it - you have to compile it for i486 to run successfully.

Old Story there - Look around for info on the CMOV instruction - you'll
find a lot of references - basically, the problem is that C3 proc has all
i686 instructions except the CMOV instruction.  As far as distros, you
should be fine with Slackware to run on (it's compiled for 386).  When you
build your LFS on it, you'll need to use the uname hack to drop it to i586
- that will work on that processor just fine.


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