Cross compiling for i486 - too late now?

Matthias Benkmann msbREMOVE-THIS at
Wed Apr 21 09:11:12 PDT 2004

On Thu, 22 Apr 2004 00:23:14 +1200 "davidh" <davidh-lfs at> wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> I'm building a LFS (my second one), but this time I'm cross-compiling
> for an i486.  Unfortunately I didn't read the cross compiling hint
> until now - I'm already up to compiling GCC (pass 2; near the end of
> chapter 5)
> My question is this:  Am I too late to start using the uname hack now?
> Since I've only built the toolchain, can I now install the uname hack
> and have gcc build me i486 binaries from now on?
> If I have to start over again, then so be it... but thats a waste of
> around 4 hours build time...

Unless you were using special optimization options most of your binaries
should run on a 486 just fine, even without cross-compiling. And you're
still in chapter 5 anyway, so you haven't yet built one of the final
binaries to be used on the target. It should be okay to start using the
uname hack now without having to restart from the beginning.


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