Cross compiling for i486 - too late now?

davidh davidh-lfs at
Wed Apr 21 05:23:14 PDT 2004

Hi everyone,

I'm building a LFS (my second one), but this time I'm cross-compiling
for an i486.  Unfortunately I didn't read the cross compiling hint
until now - I'm already up to compiling GCC (pass 2; near the end of
chapter 5)

My question is this:  Am I too late to start using the uname hack now?

Since I've only built the toolchain, can I now install the uname hack
and have gcc build me i486 binaries from now on?

If I have to start over again, then so be it... but thats a waste of
around 4 hours build time...

Thanks to anyone that can help.

David Husselmann

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