Chapter 5 util-linux-2.12 errors

Eric Eric at NoAddr.ess
Mon Apr 19 23:35:21 PDT 2004

Eric wrote:
> Hello,
> First off I I have a searched the archives for my anwser, I did find 
> that someone else had the same problem, but (as always) the anwser he 
> got didn't fix my problem,
> during configure of util linux I got lots of missing includes
> You don't have <scsi/scsi.h>
> You don't have ....
> I have checked that these files do exist in
> /tools/include/*
> and
> /usr/include/*
> Compiling as user lfs and I also tried as root.
> as tests on previous apps passed.
> Thanks.

Hmm, started over and all is well, must have been a typo or something.

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