Cursor Keys in vi?

Daniel Díaz daniel at
Mon Apr 19 21:49:20 PDT 2004

Ok, the mail below explains the whole problem. I'm quoting it just for

In vi, less, nano, and that kind of progs, the cursor keys couldn't just
get it right. The answer, at least for me, was incidently reported by
Alexander Patrakov here:

It is working great now! I hope anyone out there with the same problem
can reach this information.


Daniel Díaz
yosoy at

On Fri, 2004-03-12 at 23:18, lfs-user at wrote:
> OK, so I'm a stupid, clueless vi(m) newbie. Cursor keys work fine for me on my 
> RedHat 9 base system. But when I try to edit a file while chrooted into the 
> LFS partition, things get wonky. When I'm in insert mode, any cursor key 
> inserts a new line with a single uppercase character at the top. Why? What 
> have I done wrong/not done? I've accomplished all the steps through chapter 8 
> ...

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