Expect is missing

Jeremy Utley jeremy at jutley.org
Mon Apr 19 20:05:12 PDT 2004

Tom Black wrote:

> Ok, I've gotten through to chapter 6 in the Chroot environment, 
> re-adjusted the toolchain, deleted the binutils directories and was 
> starting to install binutils.  When I arrived at the test for pseudo 
> terminals I typed
> expect -c "spawn ls" and got the following error:
> expect: command not found
> it's not in
> I've read through the faq's and searched but can not yet find a 
> relevant answer.
> readelf -l /tools/bin/expect | grep terpr
> results in readelf: Error: Cannot stat input file /tools/bin/expect.
>  echoing the $PATH shows
> /bin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/usr/sbin:/tools/bin
> I tried to reinstall expect from here (probably not all that smart) 
> but ran the following command from the book:
> ./configure --prefix=/tools --with-tcl=/tools/lib --with-x=no
> amidst all the other stuff I get the message
> checking for Tcl private headers... checking for tclInt.h... no
> configure: error: Can't find Tcl private headers
> How far back do I have to go?  All the way?  Can I continue to work 
> from within the Chroot and backup only a bit, or do I start over again?
You didn't leave the TCL source directory in place like you were told to 
at the end of that package.  You'll need to drop back that far, 
reinstall TCL, and MAKE SURE you do not delete that one after it's 
done.  Wait till after expect to do that.


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