Stupid question

gulrs gulrs at
Mon Apr 19 19:59:02 PDT 2004

Linux From Scratch: Version 5.1-pre1

The Binutils documentation recommends building Binutils outside of the
source directory in a dedicated build directory:

mkdir ../binutils-build
cd ../binutils-build

    Note: If you want the SBU values listed in the rest of the book to
be of any use, you will have to measure the time it takes to build
this package. To achieve this easily, you could do something like:
time { ./configure ... && ... && ... && make install; }.

Now prepare Binutils for compilation:

../binutils-2.14/configure --prefix=/tools --disable-nls

So, my question is:
Where should I create binutils-build? /mnt/lfs? or /mnt/lfs/tools?
Where should I unpack Binutils-2.14? In binutils-build?


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