modutils install location

Jack ostroffjh at
Sun Apr 18 20:04:12 PDT 2004

I'm now installing the kernel (LFS-5.1pre1 chapter 8) and during the 
make modules-install, I get a "/bin/sh: line 1: /sbin/depmod: No such 
file or directory".  The archive shows two recent similare issues.  The 
kernel makefile seems to be looking for depmod in /sbin, but the 
modutils install seems to have put it in /usr/sbin/.  Creating a 
symlink will certainly work (I actually get a different error, but I'll 
post that in a separate thread after appropriate homework) but if the 
default installation does not match what is expected, I would a patch 
or at least a comment in the LFS book.  Have I missed something?

Thanks for any hints.


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