LFS 5.0: binutils-2.14 first pass failure

Tom Black tcblack at wireless111.net
Sun Apr 18 13:29:48 PDT 2004

David Barron wrote:
> I find Mandrake to be unreliable to the extreme. Personally, I use 
> Knoppix as my host install. Couple of advantages with it. I can just 
> boot off the cd and not have to install a host system. Also I've got a 
> full x windows system and Internet access, so I can copy and paste each 
> step straight out of the book, I've used it twice so far and it's worked 
> well.
I tried it with Knoppix 3.3, because I REALLY didn't want to have to 
install Mandrake.  For some reason it (Knoppix) crashes on boot up 
immediately after loading the kernel.  I've tried almost every cheatcode 
for Knoppix I could dig up and all to no avail.

<Lightbulb>  Maybe that failing Simm was the problem.</lightbulb>
   Hah! I'll check it out later.
I'm actually doing the install from my notebook downstairs via SSH so 
I'm copying and pasting where the commands look easy to mess up.
I suppose at a certain point I'm going to have to install an SSH server 
into LFS.
Anyone have a suggestion as to which one, and WHEN it should be installed.
Preferably just before I disconnect the host system I suppose - is that 
Thomas Black
Total Linux Newbie (But trying to cure it)

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