help with toolchain reuse LFS5.2

Allard Welter allard at
Sun Apr 18 08:34:21 PDT 2004

On Sunday 18 April 2004 17:00, at wrote:
> I have saved one toolchain after completing LFS and I have saved another
> after completing chapter5.    Both gave the same result.
> The LFS book states that tcl, dejagnu and expect should be re-installed
> with prefix=/usr.  I am trying to do as instructed without success.  I
> also  am unable to install glibC-2.3.3.
> Thanks for your suggestion and if you have others please let me have them.
> sincerely
> Blux

The toolchain saved after completeion of ch5 is the one to use. But why are 
you so set on compiling tcl, and friends straight away? They should be living 
quite happily in your tool-chain from which they will be used when required. 
The reason for the re-installation of these packages after you've completed 
LFS is so that you can do checks on extra packages you may want to install 
after LFS is complete and you don't want to keep the toolchain hanging 

The fact that make_devices and man-pages worked is not surprising since no 
compilation (and hence no gcc) is involved with them. The error-log you 
provided for glibc is not really sufficient except that it corroberates the 
fact that gcc isn't working.

The only thing I can think of now is that something went wrong with your 
archiving of the tool-chain. Do you remember how you accomplished this?

One final suggestion - it is considered rude to top-post on these lists. This 
is also covered in the faq someplace under netiquette.

Cheers - Allard.

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