Ch 6: Bash ignoring PATH?

nh nobodyhome_41 at
Sun Apr 18 08:19:34 PDT 2004

Ok, solved. Thank you very much for your help, Allard. It was not bash 
that did not pay attention, but myself (again) :-)

  > Yup does readelf on make give you the same output?
Yes, it does - /tools/lib/
>>what confuses me is I have 'make' in /bin as well and it 'is not found').
Well, I double checked my own assumptions - and let me correct my own 
claims; I DID have make in /bin and DID NOT have echo there (another 
spoiled symlink led me to believe I did - sorry). So issuing echo 
invoked /tools/bin/echo correctly, while make was trying to run the old 
/bin/make - a remainder of some failed attempt way back in chapter 5 (I 
made a couple of forth and back moves then).
  > As the faq says, the "no such file or directory" message is not very 
So, after all, the faq was right - the make in /bin was set to use the 
wrong dynamic linker.

Once I dropped all the directory mess and left just /tools and /sources,
make was found and works just fine - now I'm back at Linux headers and 
moving on.

Thanks again.

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